Monday, January 7, 2019

slutshame and the feelings that come with it

What is slutshaming and how we can put a stop to it?
Well, lets take a look at it right here. by the end of this article' we'll have some better ideas.
Slut shaming is something that has cropped up in the news more and more recently but what exactly is it and how can we put a stop to it. Slut shaming is the bullying behaviour towards someone about their sexuality implying that they are promiscuous. It can be as obvious as calling someone an insulting name, or making derogatory comments. But it can also be as subtle as a facial expression when you reveal your number of sexual partners. It’s even possible to slutshame yourself with feelings of guilt, embarrassment, humiliation and shame about your own sexuality.
When does the slutshame begin?
According to studies slutshaming can start at a very young age. Girls who start to hit puberty at a young age can be targeted by bullies and classmates who pick on them with unwanted sexual comments. But the sad truth is slutshaming can happen no matter what age you are and can affect any woman.
Why do women slutshame other women? 
If so many women suffer the side effects of slut shaming then why do we feel the urge to bring other women down. Why is it often women who are both the victims and the attackers of slutshaming. Certified sex therapist ashley grinonneau-denton says that one of the biggest reasons for this can come down to insecurity in themselves. Some women project their own insecurities onto other women taking them down a notch.
How to stop the slutshame slut-shaming can affect the way we feel about our bodies, our mental health and the relationships we build. There are ways that we can stop slut-shaming and prevent it in the future.
Find the route cause if you find yourself speaking negatively to a woman then take a moment to think about why you are doing this? Are you trying to project your own insecurities. Take a look at your behaviour and consider whether this is acceptable.
Educate the next generation talk to your children and make an active commitment to educate them on slutshame. Parents should make sure that their children don’t feel any sort of anxiety when they talk about sex. Help them to talk openly with you and teach them to respect others.
Support other women lift each other up don’t put each other down. This is the most important thing to remember.
Conclusion slutshaming is harming and very humiliating that makes women feel negative thoughts about themselves in both a physical and mental way. It’s important that we as women take the steps to stop slutshame and make sure it’s not happening in our everyday interactions, our relationships, friendships, and communities.